Sunday, March 25, 2007

Okay, right, also

Sarah yesterday was all, "you should take pictures of what you can see from your window!" And I was all, "whatever."

But then, today, I'm looking out my window and -- well, backstory.

So, there is this big green space across the street from me. I understand it used to be a highway onramp, or something, that was subsequently destroyed in the last big earthquake. Anyway, it's this green space the city owns and has been debating for ages about how to develop. It's a weird wild spot in the middle of a pretty dense urban environment. It's completely untended, there are fences and locks all around it. Generally, it's empty, but today I looked out and saw that some crazy homeless guy had broken into the space and was, like, living in the wilderness over there. Rocking a lot and looking around himself in a mentally-ill sort of way. Creepy!

So, I took a picture of that. You really can't see him, which is disappointing, but, still:

From My Window

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Patrick Bateman said...

This is brilliant. Finally the sequel to "Where's Waldo" we've all been waiting for. "Where's the Homeless Dude". Can't wait for the next edition.