Sunday, April 29, 2007

Rich People Are Super Funny

So, there's this restaurant across the bay from the city, where you sit on a gigantic patio over the water, and all these people with yachts dock their boats. The hills around are studded by enormous, incredible homes with vast expanses of plate glass reflecting the bay back on itself.

And the tables are filled with all kinds of people -- families, tourists, gawkers, gliterati -- many, many of whom are very, very drunk.

The best part, though, are the boats docked on the water -- groups of drunk, barely-dressed teens on daddy's boat, overtanned women barely standing, dogs in life jackets --

and this:

Poverty Sucks

Yah! Poverty TOTALLY SUCKS, Y'ALL!! Where is that goddamn waiter with the pina colada?

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