Friday, September 07, 2007

I visit these mountains with frequency

So, night before last, I had this crazy, vivid dream.

I'll spare you the dreamy, confusing details (vegas, dive bar/hot tub, bathing suit bedraggled, run into some annoying people from college, blah to the blah). Bottom line is that I suddenly, out of nowhere, had this weirdly emotional dream wherein I found out that my (significant) ex boyfriend was engaged.

The truth is, he probably is. And, if so, I'm really happy for him. I didn't marry him.

But it was one of those dreams that stays with you all day and has you wondering, "What made that happen?"

Then, in what seemed like an unrelated event, I saw Rilo Kiley last night in a sold out show at the Warfield.

Which was incredible, and I guess Susan and I hadn't really realized how popular RK has become -- because we were kind of taken aback at the pure volume of raging fans surrounding us. Susan turned to me and said, "Last time we saw them, it was during the elections. In 2004."

At a pub.

And then they played this song and it was like a massive anthem. This is as close as I could find on YouTube, but it doesn't capture the volume. Imagine this times 100:

And the crowd played and I might have been a little stoned, and this was the song -- the song that really encapsulates for me that whole relationship, and it was clear why Craig was suddenly so present in my head.


In other news, Rilo Kiley is suddenly at rock god status! Who the fuck knew?

We're so very proud of them.

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