Friday, December 07, 2007

Happy Birthday To Me (and the Annizon)

There was an onslaught of birthday wishes, and I was a little moved. And happy.

And Maria put together this fabulous postcard for everyone to hear on NPR.

And cried a lot late in the evening. And Anne said

this is what I do on my birthday too.

And I said, you're my best friend, my most sublimely well-tuned
companion. Why on earth can't we be in love with each other?

She said, Yeah, that's just how it is.

We nodded sagely to each other and I hugged her fiercely when she left.

When we parted from our embrace, she smiled hugely and said, "I'm so
fucking tall. It's awesome."

It's true. She's over six feet. My head fits perfectly in the crook of her neck.

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