Tuesday, June 03, 2008

This Next Song Is Called "I Want To Fuck All The Girls In The World (in the name of rock and roll)"

So, I have lots and lots to write about St. Petersburg - and many photos to post. Unfortunately, one of the important photos I neglected to take was of a fantastic sign on Nevesky Prospekt for a shoe store called "Handbags for Feet."

This is quite possibly the best store name ever. Throughout our visit "Handbags for XXX" was a favorite refrain -- those pants are handbags for legs! This food is handbags for my mouth!

Wait, that is a tangent.

I am not here really to tell you about all my adventures.

I am here to tell you about a band we saw called Sweat. As in "WE ARE SWEAT! AND WE ARE HERE TO MAKE YOU SWEAT! CAN YOU FEEL THE SWEATING?" (Shout that in a Russian accent -- and you have the beginnings of a fabulous time, I promise you.)

This band played with one of our faves, JD and the Blenders, starring our friend JD.

There will be plenty of time, too, for me to write about that important experience.

But Anne and I are in France, now, stuffing ourselves with cheese and bread, fresh air, stunning mountains, and rest. And we've yet to wash the Sweat off our bodies -- this band rocked out in a stunning way that was the perfect mix of pitch-perfect American rock and roll and a touch of inrony. And we miss them.

Dear Sweat -- come play San Francisco!


arlopop said...

It's still not quite right. As David Letterman once said, "Two things Russians will never be able to do well: play real rock and roll and lay down rubber in front of the Dairy Queen."

Hipster Pit said...

Perhaps, yes, it's not quite right. But what I think makes it so great is the striving -- dude rhymed "underage fun" and "homework done" and it isn't even his native language.