Monday, August 11, 2008

Evidence of the Power of the Human Mind

Billions of years of evolution so I could lie in bed this morning and think:

I wonder if George Clooney is worried about aging? Do you think he's a happy person, overall, or has his fame brought a weight of expectation and anxiety that he can never live up to?

Hm, he's a man, though. A white man. Life can't be that hard for him.


arlopop said...

white male or not - He's George Clooney, life can't be that hard for him.

Luc said...

Life is the same for every human...with each trophy comes an expectation. His are far more reaching than we could experience...who's to know? He's wrestling demons we've only imagined. Sure, he's rich, but that means nothing. Oh, and I'm drunk and all of a sudden a torch bearer for George Fucking Clooney.

Talk about demons...

Mistress La Spliffe said...

Despite having more money than a normal human being could spend in a lifetime, last year he chose to appear in very high profile crap - unmitigated crap - what's more, the third part of a trilogy of unmitigated crap. And then this year a bunch of weirdo European-ish commercials that showed off his waddle. Magnifico!

I can't imagine a reason to do so besides a desperate need for attention which will become harder to satisfy as he ages. Besides having a family of 13 who are all addicted to blow and who will also become harder to satisfy as he ages. Neither is really a recipe for happiness.