Tuesday, April 14, 2009

No, But I Often Dream of Running Away

On the bus down Mission street, post-yoga.

Strapped to me and slung about me are:
- laptop bag
- (standard-issue SF sporty gal) LuluLemon bag filled with discarded day clothes
- Yoga bag (Yoga mat - Samurai Sword of the hopelessly docile)
- Purse

Older woman in a bright red, polka-dotted raincoat sits next to me and eyes me suspiciously. For an uncomfortable period of time. Until I say, "Hello."

Her: Are you off to college?
Me: Um, no.
Her: Living on the streets?
Me: Um, I just have a lot of stuff.

Guess this is all to say that, yeah, I'm coming back now to bore you with my anecdotes. Let the ignoring commence.


Maria Martin said...


Baywatch said...

run any further and you'll get wet.

Mistress La Spliffe said...

I'm shocked she'd be so forward when you had so many bags to hit her with.

Baywatch said...

can I get a post about Mexico already?