Sunday, December 04, 2005


moments from my birthday party

- The Socialist copped to owning a copy of Kelly Clarkson's CD.
- Attempting to start a rumor that Todd was once on The Real World Seattle.
- Not being successful, since pretty much everyone there knows Todd was never on The Real World Seattle.
- Except Val. Who somehow believed it.
- Select random Todd overheard moments, including, ". . . so, as it turns out, she was only dressing like a slut so she could get laid!" and, "Man, JP, so much has happened since you've been on vacation. . . I banged, like, six girls.
- Laughing about the beautiful people convention at my party with Sarah. How did that happen?
- Having to threaten Johnny so he'd get his ass to the party.
- Playing 50 cent and Justin Timberlake at a notorious hipster bar. Pissing off the hipsters, who don't like being confronted with music they like but claim to hate.
- Buttercream cupcakes. Fucking yum.
- The afterparty at my house, me, Mark, Jason, Ellen, Sus, and C1, Tivo, Real Sex, and plenty of snark and giggles. And pizza. And beer. And passing out.

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