Saturday, September 02, 2006

I've got space dementia!!

You live life only once, you know, so it's important to take every opportunity to enjoy the little things.

Just like that whimsical moment in Amelie when the eponymous Amelie looks all adorable and dimpled and sweet because she's enjoying simple tactile pleasures like sinking her sweet little adorable fingers into a big barrel of dried beans or quirkily delighting in a fly on a movie screen:

Well, you may be saying to yourself, that would be the entire treacly expanse of the film, and you would be totally right. But, still.

One of my great simple pleasures in life, aside from the warm toasty smell of fresh coffee in the morning and the smooth embrace of expensive sheets at night, is the butterscotch stallion.

I just look at Owen Wilson and it makes me laugh. He is reason alone to have Tivo. Delightfully, Tivo knows all kinds of weird, not-Owen-Wilson-vehicle films in which Owen Wilson plays a small part.

Those are staples of the many b-movie channels that crowd the cable lineup.

One of those many great films is Armegeddon. Perhaps you've seen it.

Many people have. Because it was a big blockbuster vehicle for everyone's favorite bald savior of the universe and father of a teenaged girl named Rumer (insert pithy teens-and-rumors-comment here), Bruce Willis.

It's a very important film.

It explores themes of manhood, class, and asteriods.

Ben (father of Violet) Affleck plays the young cowboy oil driller, A.J. He's constanly running off at the mouth and taking crazy risks, and pissing off Harry, played by Bruce Willis, who really flexes his cocky-eyebrow-raising-muscles throughout the film.

There are lots of amazing moments, one of which is when Steve Buscemi starts to get a little nuts while he's on the asteroid, and the NASA pilot says, "HE'S GOT SPACE DEMENTIA!" And they have to wrestle him to the ground.

I first saw this movie with my mother, in a crowded theater in Southern Indiana.

We almost got beaten up, because we giggled uncontrollably the entire time.

We totally blamed it on space dementia.

It's still one of my favorite self-diagnoses.

Feeling cranky? Blame it on the Space Dementia.

Pissing people off? Space Dementia. Not my fault.

Writing long boring rambling blog posts? Sorry. Space Dementia.

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Veronica said...

Oh, wow. I nearly got kicked out of Independence Day for that uncontrollable giggling thing.