Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Her name is Casey and she lives in New York

hipsterpit: last night I was talking to my mom about SF
hipsterpit: she was like
hipsterpit: how much will you be making
hipsterpit: I told her
hipsterpit: and she was like
hipsterpit: will that be enough to live there?
hipsterpit: I was like, mom, I'm not moving to dubai
NewYorkCasey: not yet
hipsterpit: so then I talked to her about, like, finding a mover
hipsterpit: and she said
hipsterpit: "So you get to take your stuff?"
hipsterpit: um
hipsterpit: yeah, mom
NewYorkCasey: alcatraz
hipsterpit: they're letting me bring my things with me
hipsterpit: across state lines
NewYorkCasey: even the cat???
hipsterpit: anything I can fit into the cardboard box I'll be living in, I suppose
hipsterpit: and I can have the cat on a string
hipsterpit: with a sign that says, Homeless cat
NewYorkCasey: will fight with cat for food
hipsterpit: there are lots of parks
hipsterpit: will fight with cat for cat food
NewYorkCasey: you'll find a place
NewYorkCasey: with space
NewYorkCasey: and cali sunchine
hipsterpit: I'm not sure what my mom was imaginign tho
NewYorkCasey: I cant believe you are going to live in Cali
hipsterpit: I know
hipsterpit: it's crazy, right?
NewYorkCasey: weird
hipsterpit: ARNOLD IS THE GOV
NewYorkCasey: you'll be all haight and ashbury
hipsterpit: no
hipsterpit: I'll be all
NewYorkCasey: flower child
hipsterpit: public transport
NewYorkCasey: peace love
NewYorkCasey: communal carpool
NewYorkCasey: people in Cali get up at like 4:30am
NewYorkCasey: and go to bed at 9pm
NewYorkCasey: and hike a lot
hipsterpit: yeah, and they're all vegitarians
NewYorkCasey: and eat avacados and grapefruit
hipsterpit: and they all smoke medical marijuana
NewYorkCasey: and get enemas
hipsterpit: and don't drink, except for at juice bars
NewYorkCasey: and have homeless cats
hipsterpit: and do yoga with their homeless cats
NewYorkCasey: and drink like Meg Ryan in When a Man Loves A Woman
hipsterpit: only vodka
NewYorkCasey: vertical vodka bottle
hipsterpit: cannot be detected on the breath
NewYorkCasey: on the street
hipsterpit: and throw eggs at cars
NewYorkCasey: that's hot
hipsterpit: I know
hipsterpit: scorching
NewYorkCasey: at least we'll always have IM
NewYorkCasey: even in SF
hipsterpit: forever and ever, IM.


Anonymous said...

that sounds like SF for sure haha.

i like LA so much better than SF though. warmer. people are so self- absorbed they don't notice that you look nothing like them.

so you're moving to SF then? pretty sweet! it's so gorgy there. :)

christa said...

ha ha you will love san francisco. most of those california stereotypes are in the south parts of the state though. except the hiking.

i can't wait to hear about this new job and your new life.