Monday, July 23, 2007


Yesterday was a stunning, gorgeous day in San Francisco -- all warm and sunny and non-foggy-like -- so I packed up my book and my iPod and headed up to Alamo Square to revel in the fact that I live in the most freaking gorgeous city evar.

While I was lying in the grass squinting at the view, I saw many tourists. Among them were two young couples, probably in their early twenties, who paused near my perch to take in the view. They were silent for a moment, just enjoying the vast beauty of a perfect clear day, a pastel landscape of victorian homes, giving way to skyscrapers, giving way to sparkling blue water of the bay.

Then, one girl said, "I wonder if Stephanie Tanner is home?"

This made me immediately snort, which then made the whole gaggle of them laugh hysterically before moving on.

See, Alamo Square is often known as the full house park, which I always thought it was too, so today I grabbed a video of the intro to embed, and I SEE NO ALAMO SQUARE, PEOPLE.

Do you?

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Baywatch said...

But there is a house. A victorian. on a street full of them, and the camera pulls away to the aerial shot... so where is that location?