Friday, April 25, 2008

It is sick

how much pleasure I get from evangelizing BSG.

Seriously, people. Battlestar? A little tiny bit of religion.

And when BWB writes this:

SOP Phase II, wherein Daddy Bay pours hisself a cool Imperial Weizen, unfurls that 1 lb bag of honey roasted almonds, and settles down for a few hours of sippage and nippage with BSG:S2.5 (aside to hipster, thx fer BSG:S1, it will be back in the mail to you next week).

I know I have brought another soul into my fold.

So say we all.


Baywatch said...

but now I can't stop dreaming that I'm a Cylon!

Hipster Pit said...

Just you wait mister for season 3. Delish.