Sunday, April 27, 2008

Quickly - more fan nonsense

Am about to go on a daytrip with Sus to Russian River Valley -- where we will sun and sip our white worries away.

In the meantime, I just watched this week's BSG. Everyone who holds out on this show, you're just plain wrong. It's amazing.

And, if you want to know how it feels to go off your meds while also facing a perfect shitstorm in your life, just witness Chief -- y'all, he has a moment where I'm like, hm. That's me right now.


Of course, I'm not dealing with the suicide/murder of my wife/living with a massively consuming crazy identity crisis/ps: it's the end of the fracking world. So, right, RJ -- GET SOME PERSPECTIVE!


Anyhow, if you're a true fan of a show, I highly recommend getting on board with Television Without Pity recaps. Back in the day, I would watch Six Feet Under with an extra layer of glee, just imagining what the recap would say.

BSG recaps are a tetch more melodramatic, on a whole, and I think it's possible that is because devotees take ourselves and our show a little more (too?) seriously.

All rambling aside, though, this hilarious tidbit from this week does a nice job of capturing what's awesome about the show:

Things end with a particularly brutal -- yet sweetly intentioned -- fistfight, in the middle of which Caprica realizes actually what she needs to do is make out with him. And this is the least weird thing that happens in the whole episode. It's awesome.


arlopop said...

"Oh. And Sam's about this close to coming out of the chrome closet with Kara."

Chrome closet - dat good.

hey, btw, when I pulled a curry and coldtukeyed my cocktail (Wellbutrin, Serzone, Buspar) I seriously came undone for three days; twitchy, insomnia, shakes, the gamut. My pharmacist wife almost killed me: "YOU WHAT!" But it all works out. I feel better without.

Curry Favor said...

pulled a curry?

Baywatch said...

cold curry coctail!