Saturday, May 17, 2008

While trip planning

Me: i'm excited
I haven't been to london since 95

Anne: aw
yeah, I hardly know it at all

me: i hardly remembs
that's um
13 (choke) years ago?
am I making that up???
to be twenty

Anne: your math is horrible. it's only been a few years
like 4 maybe

me: like two

Anne: I was talking today about 18 year olds... being born in 1990. omg. And I'm OK with the fact that they are 18 and I'm not, but being born in 1990???? NOT OK


Anne: at all
I was pubescent it 1990
and you were born???
I could be your mother
and you're 18!!!

me: I babysat you
you were a baby
and now you're in college

Anne: fuck

me: drunk

1 comment:

arlopop said...

Funny, I feel the same about 1976.