Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Communist Red

So, I have this kind of adorable, bleach-blonde, kewpie doll quirkfest of a hairdresser named Ally. Perpetually sweet, tattooed, clad in DIY punk ("this t-shirt is an homage to Andy Warhol. I drew the scars myself. I have one at home where I made eyelets out of cigarette burns."), she is charming and probably dangerous for me.

Today she was not herself -- turns out she broke up with her boyfriend, of whom she has tattoos -- serious stuff.

So, I guess I was feeling like I wanted to please her -- cheer her a bit -- and, well, cheer me, and I guess, be punk rock for my post-soviet adventure -- but when she said, "You're going to Russia? We've got to give you Communist Red Highlights!" I agreed.

Hoooo boy, I'm punk rock.

Communist Red


arlopop said...

Oh Natasha, you look like you vill be Badanov for Red Square.

Sarah said...

The Soc'll be so proud!

Sarah said...

Soc says:
"Have funski in Leningrad. There's only one true Communist Red.
Love you!