Saturday, March 01, 2008

In Which I Cling To The Tressy Tendrils Of Youth

Today I got my hair cut and colored.

Ally, the positively delightful bleach-blond, tattooed pseudo stoner who designs my 'do, recommended a shock of cherry red highlights. Then she showed me a new tattoo, of two kewpie dolls, one brown, one white, on her wrist. "This is me and my boyfriend as babies. Sitting on a record player. He requested that he be browner than me, so!"

My first reaction -- am I too old for this? Was followed closely by -- if I'm not, I'd better do it while I still can.



Mistress La Spliffe said...

I like it. I'm looking for something similar but I don't have enough of an emotional relationship with the hairdressers here to let them do something as involved as colour.

Baywatch said...

crazy cool. back in SC, JonMichael introduced me to his dresser, a sweet bulldyke biker in Aptos who vehemently defended the death penalty on more than one occasion. anyway. i walked in wanting jet black, she coaxed me into black cherry. it was a wonderful three years.