Sunday, March 30, 2008

A Botanist, though?

I am getting my brain around this. I want to do some word vomit on it, but I need to noodle first. In the meantime, I would like to challenge the claims-he-has-writers-block Baywatch to comment.

I'm truly interested -- as he is a dabbler in the astronomical, and I am a sci-fi geek.

I feel like he'll have some true, physics-based reasoning, while my mind spins at this:

Some physicists have theorised that black holes might act as spacewarp wormhole portals into alternate universes, or something. Summarising, it appears that the boffins at the LHC - should one of them clumsily spill his tea on the controls, for instance - could easily catapult the entire world through a rift in the very fabric of space-time, into another universe which could be entirely hostile to life as we know it. (Eg, essential processes such as fermentation of alcohol, TV, pizza delivery, gravity etc might simply not work; or there could be a parallel Earth ruled by an evil victorious Nazi empire with space battlecruisers and so forth.)

No pizza delivery? The HUMANITY!

Nazi alternate universe? didn't I read they're making a movie out of that book?


Baywatch said...

you can't make me!

Hipster Pit said...

Just because you're completely capable of being completely LAME doesn't mean you should.

Maybe a better version of you in another universe is actually blogging adeptly on this very topic.

In which case, I look forward to getting duly sucked through said black hole.

Jolie said...

I want a mini blackhole! That's so cute!

Curry Favor said...

jolie was me in blogdrag

Hipster Pit said...

Holy shit, dude, WHAT A MIND FUCK