Friday, March 21, 2008

Only because it's 3:37AM and I can't sleep. . .

I'm gonna meme it. I know it's kinda dumb, but Luc made me do it.

And I don't think the q's are that lame.

And enough with the boring qualifiers. Let's get to the other boring stuff.

1. I can't believe I've never
- been to China
- walked across the Golden Gate Bridge (note to self, make mom do that this weekend)
- found what I'm looking for
- figured out what I'm looking for
- what?

2. Every time I think about . . . I still cringe
That time I boldly approached Ira Glass in the Art Institute of Chicago, reached out to shake his hand, introduced myself: "Hi, I'm Rebecca! And. . . " Completely went blank. No joke. Firmly shaking Ira's hand, him looking at me with a warily expectant expression, I had absolutely nothing to say. He dismissed me and walked away. Holy Shit, why did you make me think about that?

3. I wish I’d…when I had the chance.
Left poor Ira alone.

4. I’ve never felt so out of place as when I… Was at Jenny's twenty-fifth birthday party in the Marina, and Baron Davis showed up. Jenny, I love you, but wow that was surreal for an old lady like me.

5. …is/are my guiltiest pleasure. When I first moved to Chicago, in my early twenties, I had very few friends and a horrific job. Even though I had never in my life watched it, I became addicted to reruns of The Nanny. Somehow, I found it outrageously comforting. Possibly because it was on approximately forty times a day. And I was dirt poor and had nothing better to do but to watch my rabbit-eared tiny tv.

Years later, I was telling Johnny about this. He shared with me his early Chicago addiction -- Just Shoot Me.

Made me feel better about my irrational attachment to Fran Drecsher.

6. I hope…knows how grateful I am for…
My grandmother, for making me laugh at every family function. She often lets me do things like this just to amuse me:


7. In my darkest hours, I secretly blame…for my dysfunction.

You know who you are.

8. …changed my life forever. D'uh. DeeP.

Probs won't do it cuz they're too busy being cool/sleeping, but tagging:


Well, wow, that killed, like, 23 minutes.

Wonder if sleep will come, now?

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Curry Favor said...

xst, I thought I got away when I saw TB didn't finger me. Glurg.