Sunday, June 04, 2006

SHOWTIME! You bastard.

Showtime just somehow made me catch this movie, again. Seriously, it's a terrible film.

But it is full of fascinating things, including:
- Elle MacPherson wearing that hat she seemed to have on in all her film roles from the nineties.
- Sarah Jessica Parker and Elle both make out with a totally ugly dude with the gayest haircut ever. (And, oh, sweet jesus. Click if you dare.) Apologies to my gay friends. I know that a self-respecting gay man would never butcher his head like that.
- There is a teeny-tiny-baby Scarlet Johansson sucking on a lollypop suggestively, interacting cutely with a vaguely funny, poorly coiffed Ben Stiller (inexplicably named "Bwick").
-Predictably, the only one who comes out unscathed, here, is SJP. She is not a style victim, even when she wears the little blue dress with black opaque tights and big chunky black shoes, a'la Sleater Kinney circa 1996. That's classic, though. Seriously.

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