Saturday, March 25, 2006

So, so, so GIRLY

I just watched this entire movie. The whole thing. Showtime made me do it. Let me explain. I had Mean Girls on for background noise while I cleaned my kitchen. Also, because Mean Girls is an important film. Each time I view Mean Girls, I get something new out of Lindsay Lohan's nuanced performance. But Showtime went and put a late nineties Sarah Jessica Parker film about quirky late twenty somethings on as a follow.

Watching this film was a little like eating an entire package of old fig newtons because that's the only sweet thing you have in the house. It's a little nostalgic, somewhat enjoyable through the beginning but only finished through some sort of compulsion that, in the end, leaves you feeling a bit ill.

I can't believe I consumed the whole thing.

How incredibly indulgent of me.

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