Monday, March 13, 2006

The P Stands for PEEE-YAAAAMMMP!

hipster wine
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Susan brought this bottle of wine for Sunday night dinner last night.

A wine so hip it has a jaunty nickname.

I roasted a chicken with quartered lemons stuffed up its butt on a bed of sliced sweet onions. Then I served it over croutons made of a nice rosemary-garlic boule.

I made a lovely pan of roasted asparagus with parmesan and a pan of sautéed carrots with thyme.

It was the total bomb. A great accompaniment to many delicous glasses of wine.

Jason and Mark came over with Jason's mom, who is always a pleasure, outspoken and sweet and fun. She was wearing a cute little top in honor of her birthday, which was about to usher her into her forties. She was not going to allow it to take her without a fight.

Ellen came, too, and we all partook of the delicious foods and beverages and yelled at the TV while watching the season finale of Project Runway on the (magical) Tivo. Chloe is still a point of controversy. Yes, she had some fabulous constructions, that brown suit, for example, that everyone agreed was divine. But the boys yelled loudly about BUTT UGLY STIFF SHINY PINK FABRICS! and we all still love Daniel very much. And, you know, Santino.

Today I stuck the chicken carcass in a pot with some onions, carrots, celery, salt, pepper and bayleaves and I'm boiling that effer up for a nice stock to stick in the freezer.

And there are still dirty dishes in the sink. This doesn't deter at all from the pimposity, though. Don't you worry!

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