Friday, March 24, 2006

Rattling About

You know how, sometimes, it feels a bit like there are pebbles rattling about in your head instead of brains? (mmm, brains?)

I feel that way today. Like I make rattling noises when I walk, like everyone is glancing over, like, 'is that a person? or a giant walking Maraca?'

Anyhow, I'm sad because I lost a very important document.

It is a list I made while drinking bloody marys with Ellen and Susan. I made it on a paper placemat at Silver Cloud in the few days after I lost my last job. I've been carrying it about with me and adding to it periodically.

It was my List Of Things To be Happy About. It included (from memory) some of the following things:
Tater Tots
Snazzy Bloody Marys
Susantha Malatestes
Melrose Bitches
Blogs, blogging, blogosphere, bloggity blog blog blog
Other People's Babies
Singing loud to music in the car
being funny
This American Life
Ira Glass
Thunder Storms
Drinking outside
riding my bike
going to the beach
Beyonce Barbie Dolls
Lindsay Lohan Party Limo
Eating Brunch
Smelling grass
Suddenly thinking something normal is actually hilariously funny
my digital camera
Waking up to sunshine
finding money in the dryer
tax returns
people with English or Southern accents
really awesome random paintings from garage sales

And on. . . and on. . .

And it may seem silly, but it actually is something that made me feel better. And I lost it. And I want to recreate it, because, it's pretty funny to read "disco balls shaped like cowboy boots" and remember that there are so many marvelous things to be happy about.

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reoffender said...

Oh man, you should totally play...

Reasons why I love *insert name of person whose ego you are feeding*

Everyone wants to hear those unique things about themselves that make them "your friend." It's hard to trust though. The only motivation for someone to make you a list is to get one in return.

But like I alway say "Does it really matter what's in momma's famous meatloaf?" Gobble up your compliments and be happy.

Fun blog ;-)