Monday, March 06, 2006

Happy Birthday Susanne!

Originally uploaded by Rebecca June.
Welcome to the club. . . old bitches in our thirties.

I suppose, given this picture, I should make some comment about how we're all feeling our way blindly through life or something, but, that would be lame.

Anyhow, your party was fun. And you're right. It was a total hipster pit.

And, could there be a more hipster gift than a Kewpie Doll Mask? No. Unless it is a pinata stuffed with weird dried fish and other freaky treats from the Asian market.

Just saying.

I love you, thank you for setting my Johnny straight and for being such a fabulous match for him. Not to mention, thank you for being a fabulous girl (and a fabulous cook) in your own right.

Whole party set can be enjoyed here.

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