Thursday, March 02, 2006

chicago-centric moment

Abby Ryan, watch out, girl. There's gonna be a lot more for you to sigh about in the next two years.

UPDATE: In an effort to illuminate my mini rant for my non-Chicago Public Radio listeners, Abby Ryan is our traffic reporter. Each morning she morosely doles out the bad news to commuters, sharing the delays with repidation, and saying things like, "It's just not pretty out there today. . . "

And, I thought, I'll find a picture of her or something! And link to it! And, people, OMG, this is a smoking gun moment -- she has a most amazing web page. Chicago NPR geeks, I present you with the nutty, blonde, jewelry making voice of your commute -- Abby Ryan! Abby makes mardi-gras themed zipper pulls! YOU CAN BUY THEM! Abby was an alarming OOMPA LOOMPA for Halloween!

Hold on. I've got to reorder my entire perception of the universe. This may take awhile.

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