Friday, March 10, 2006


I was just sitting on my couch, getting pissed because there is something blocking the infared of the tivo reciever that I'm too lazy to get up and move, so I have to LIFT MY ARM to fast forward through the commercials on last night's Simpsons rerun (are you, like, crazy jealous of my life right now?) SO, I decided to post some fun Friday links for you to enjoy!

LINDSAY LOHAN: You're...just saying the word "cooter" really loud.

And of course, "Stab me, rip, stab, stab"

oooooh. . . sweet Jesus

An excellent reason to feel okay about not paying down your massive credit card balance.

We All Came on Our Birthdays
Black chick #1: You know what's the funniest birthday card I ever read?
Black chick #2: What?
Black chick #1: "Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, happy birthday to you, I hope you bust a nut."
Black chick #2: Yeah, on your birthday you gotta cum.

--Duane Reade, Penn Station

Could Jake Gyllenhaal BE any classier??

Okay, people, I gotta go do some work or take a nap or something. Peace.

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