Monday, March 13, 2006

The Birthplace of the Pit

It's comin' around again! Where it all began, the ultimate in hipster heaven, Intonation Fest, motherfuckers!

Highlights from last year include:
- sweatbands galore! In 100 degree heat!
- dust, dust and more dust!
- women in white shorts with neon pumps! Why? I don't know!
- no beer lines. miles of lines for water. lots of people staring in wonder at inanimate objects like waterguns. Or their own ironic tshirts.
- an impromptu hipster softball game. the shortstop, a tall man with a sandy blonde mop, looked fetching in a hot pink sheath dress with a white lace peter pan collar.
- tshirts with ironic messages! Including tshirts that said, "insert ironic message here!" METAIRONY! Holy fuck!
- weird crafts!
- bad sound!

This year, the headliners are actually two of my current faves, the Streets and Block Party, so in addition to the incredible opportunities to make copious fun of people, I'll also be able to enjoy bands I like!


1 comment:

Ross said...

Best t-shirt at last year's intonation (and possibly of all time): A wizard shooting little turds out of his hand. Caption? "Shit Wizard."