Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Someone call Magnum P.I.

Dear Tivo:

I wish you could talk.

I would even learn the rudiments of a foriegn language for you, say, if you didn't speak English.

We'd have so many fascinating conversations. I would love to hear your take on things. Sometimes I think I know what you're thinking -- like, "Why did you put 'Friends' on your Season Pass Manager?'"

The answer there is, who knows? Maybe it was a fit of nostalgia for the late nineties. I wonder that every time a random episode shows up in my playlist.

But, I know I was the one who put it there.

Just like I had that whole Carey Grant fascination last year, which is why you are, even as I write this, recording Gunga Din. But enough Carey Grant.

So, I went to change the settings on my Wishlist, which is when I saw that someone, and, Tivo, I'm not saying this is you, but someone put "Spanking & movies" on my wishlist.

Tivo, I am pretty sure that wasn't me.

And, if you could talk, I'm sure you'd finger the culprit.

Then I could ask them, "Why didn't you auto record?"

Just think of all the spanking movies we've been missing out on.

Okay, TTYL, LYLAS, BFF and stuff!



Anonymous said...

Re; The Whitney brochure in the background at Superficial.

It says "Fulton County"--- something. It looks like a government pamphlet/newsletter from the print style/letterhead. My credentials are: I live in the same county as Whitney. And I'm a graphic designer. Yay!

Mister Buckets said...

Did you know that I am related to Magnum PI (Tom Selleck, not the actual character) by marriage. It happened in fourth grade and I've never met him.