Thursday, February 16, 2006

Ten Reasons To Love Ellen

Originally uploaded by Rebecca June.
1. Her laugh. It is loud and joyous and unrestrained, it's hilarious in and of itself. If she thinks something is funny, you will think it is funny. Just because she's laughing. This is very good if you like to make people laugh. She's a nice laughter wingman.

2. Her voice. It's all smoky and raspy and ravaged-sounding, sometimes like she's some road-hardened ninety-year-old in a cute little twenty-something's body.

3. Her old lady car. With a big dent in the side.

4. She's generous, and she'll cry with you and stick by your side when you need her.

5. She is totally willing to go for drinks at the drop of a hat. These people are very important to keep close. Sometimes, you need a drink and you want someone to go with you. Especially someone with the above (and below) qualities. A GEM, I TELL YOU.

6. She drives an old lady car and loves it.

7. She has the same cute cheeks as she did as a kid. I didn't know her then, but I've seen pictures.

8. Total Irish girl. As if you couldn't tell.

9. Smart as a WHIP.

10. Because you just can't help it. So, when she says, "I think it's time to give me props on your blog," you do it. Because that's the kind of girl she is.

Now, E -- call me, let's get a drink.


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