Wednesday, February 22, 2006


So, Project Runway, very important show. Very quick liveblog notes from the Reunion Special:

- John Wade, first man eliminated, designer who shares my love of imbibing, is a mere shadow of his former self. And I love the fact that he is SO ANNOYED that everyone keeps telling him how great he looks. A lovely exchange with pretty boy Nick:
Nick: This is an absolute transformation! It's like Star Jones!
John: I'm gonna CHOKE A BITCH!
John, my friend, I'm with you. Shut up, everyone.

- Guadalupe goes off on some sort of crack-addled tyrade, and My Lovely, Tim Gunn, says, "This is the biggest bunch of bullshit I've heard in weeks." Love you, Tim. See you at Red Lobster.

- They revisit Andre's breakdown on the runway and have a timer going at the bottom, "elapsed time, 9:51. . . " so. bitchy. I LOVE IT.

- Zulema exhibits some intense dual personality FUN CLIPS that happened to not make it into the original show. Maybe because they were too effing schizophrenic.

- Even though everyone (except 'Lupe, who is clearly on crack) expresses some form of hate for Santino, he exhibits no visible discomfort.

- EXCELLENT weird moment when Gunn quips, "Daniel Franco, maybe we'll see you season three."
Daniel: I might. I just might
Everyone: Stares in uncomfortable silence.

I love how they edit these shows.

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Anonymous said...

Don't forget his "I love you Heidi". So WEIRD!