Friday, February 24, 2006

Oy. Avich.


Where do I start with this?

Some thoughts:
- As a professional publicist, I would like to invite my Governor to call me. Because, as part of what I do (as weird as this may sound), when I book clients on interviews, I find out what show the interview is for. Then -- get this -- I BRIEF THEM ON IT. Weird huh? I know that may seem, like, over the top. . .especially for POLITICS, but, what can I say?

- Rod, we live in the same town. I use Comcast (despite my distaste for them, different story) as my cable provider. I bet they wire up your house, too. Come out from under the rock and call them. Might help you stay in touch with things that are going on in the world. Like, the show that informs the majority of voters 18-25. Just a thought.

- By the way, Rod -- I still love you.

- See the wreck footage here.

(via ellen)

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Bandit Queen said...

Clever piece. Blago is a great straight man.