Saturday, February 25, 2006

apologies to yawnshire, whomever you are

Originally uploaded by yawnshire.
okay, so, I'm effing about merrily on the Internot this morning, visiting the emails and the blogs and the Flickr, and this random photo caught my eye.


From the left:
Svetlana. Totally annoyed at her boyfriend, fake Harry Connick Jr., for hiring this chef. Because, sure, hippie blackface Jesus makes a fine Tang punch, but he brought along one of the lost boys who is freaking out the rest of the guests.


yawnshire said...

hey, it's me - yawnshire alias "hippie blackface Jesus"!

no need to apologize:
me and "lost boy" were quite amused reading this ;>

Jessie said...

Brilliant, RJ. Just brilliant.