Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Kiss my Tulips.

Thank You, My Casey.
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Okay, people -- my friends and family have gone out of their way to prove that I. am. incredibly. blessed.

First -- the flowers from momma. Then -- these gorgeous tulips from my Casey, who says, "Freedom is an opportunity. Stop and smell the flowers."

Then -- more lovely tulips from Sarah and Tchad. My home is like an incredible spring garden right now. I could not love it more.

And so many supportive calls and emails and whathaveyou, including one that made me teary from Melrose Mark -- Who wrote this awesome insight:

I must say that I love that you will not be working in the suburbs anymore
(right?)..For some reason it always really bugged me that you, and only you,
worked in the suburbs..You know I'm very geo-centric and I felt like you may be
losing the edge I so dear love by working out there..That and I won't have to
listen to travel times on the Edens anymore and worry that it would just be
stressing you out more..I know right.

I know, RIGHT? I was thinking of that as I was walking into my downtown
office building this morning. I was thinking that I love being downtown. I love
being free. I love not struggling to conform to someone's expectations.

And, have I mentioned? I love tulips.

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