Monday, February 20, 2006

What the hell happened to Josh Charles ?

I had such high hopes for that kid. I mean, I remember in 1989 when Sassy magazine named him One To Watch. When I was in ninth grade, that was, like, the source. I had total faith in him. I tore out his sexy, asymmetrical-haired picture and posted it on my wall. When he told that kid in the Dead Poet’s Society that he shouldn’t worry about his totally fascist dad, I totally believed him. I guess I should have known, when that kid totally killed himself in his totally gay actor’s outfit, that he wasn’t convincing enough to really, like, make it. I mean, I didn’t know it then, but that was totally not about a career choice, that suicide. It was all about being gay. Probably for Josh Charles. Cause he was so hot.

I want to implore Hollywood to give Josh another chance.

Unless he’s ugly now. Or gay.

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Danielle said...

Hey-o. I've been reading your blog today and I am curious- what is the whole story of your a hole boss firing you?
Just wondering because so far, very juicy stuff, but I feel like I turned on a movie halfway through and I am dying to see the beginning.