Monday, November 14, 2005

Conde Nast Wedding in Paradise and other Hellish Outings

I just returned from here. Where I was to attend a conference for beautiful people. I mean, my friends' wedding.

These are my beautiful friends. The type of shining, flawless people you stare at when they are sitting in restaurants because, wait, are those people famous? Are they emitting some sort of ethereal light? The type of people who you really anticipate that you'll thoroughly dislike, because, people that pretty are incapable of identifying with those of us who get pimples and could never wear a bikini. The type of people who shock you by being sweet and kind and flawed and overall fabulous.

This wedding, it was on the beach. I mean, it was literally on a cliff surrounded by a cove of splashing surf under a blue sky awash with sunlight. His mother married them. Then she gave a speech that made everyone weep into their napkins.

They had tables on a ledge over the water.

We ate gourmet food and drank thousands of pina coladas.

I asked my friend Susan -- do weddings like this sometimes make you feel lonely?

She said, "Oh, no! They mostly just make me glad it's not me!"

I got home and my best friend ccalled to tell me she's engaged.

I told my mother. She said, "Oh, well, that's a low blow."

That woman gets me.

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