Sunday, January 13, 2008

Dear Luc

I stumbled upon this portrait of you on Flickr, and I just. . .

I never knew you to be so patriotic.

(luc, fyi)


Anonymous said...

A lot of controversy surrounding this image. To clear a few things up:

1) It really was a photoshoot for my coffee shop. The Men of Monadnock, or just MENadnock. We haven't decided.
2) I was not intoxicated. I'd had half a beer. I decided to don the speedos and transform into Mr. July because no one else had the balls to strip down. I was a swimmer, mind you, and have no qualms about donning the sausage casing.
3) Even though it was linked to Chicaogist and subsequently viewed thousands of times (or hundreds, I don't know) and some of my regular customers have commented on it, I have no regrets.


Hipster Pit said...

What I find especially compelling about this image is the contrast between your . . . ahem. . . sausage casing. . . and your hat/mustache.

It's pure class.

Also, somewhat sideshow.