Monday, January 14, 2008

Reuinion Tour Of The Decade

So, I came across this poster today while I was trekking to Walgreen's to refill my crazypill prescription:



Remember them? They sang that riotous 1988 pop sensation What's On Your Mind (Pure Energy).

Until this moment I sort of regarded the band as a one-hit wonder -- however, according to Wikipedia, they are huge with the Latinos:

They are known for their loyal fan base in Brazil, Japan, Spain and Mexico.

Well, and the Japanese. And let's face it, they're just an easy target when it comes to pop culture.

Regardless, the band stands out in my mind, because my fourteen-year-old self always thought the spiky-haired, skinny mod lead singer looked like a dead ringer for my cousin Jonathan. (Jonathan, can I not find a picture of you on the Internets? Only your very distinguished-sounding bio. Shame on me for having none on my Flickr page. I will remedy that situation this weekend.)

So dreamy.

I look now and see no resemblance, honestly.

But now I totally have that song in my head.

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