Saturday, February 02, 2008

The Entertainer in my House

The Russians are here.

Well, Misha is Russian. Jennifer is from Indianapolis. But she moved to St. Petersburg after college. In college we called her "Crazy Jen," but now she's "Russian Jen."

Here they are (the two on the left) at a concert:

Anyhoo -- old girl pops back in my life once a year, and we have a fabulous time together. Somehow, my old friend from college is now a national treasure in Russia. How strange.

She has two bands.

JD and the Blenders is her personal pet project. Some kind of Soul gig.

Seeing this video on youtube was a little like the episode of friends where Pheobe has a professional video made. I'm sorry that comparison is so lame. But I couldn't think of a better one. Anne and I were flabbergasted. Jen was horrified: "Look how they focused on my LIPS! WHY DID THEY DOO THAT?"

Us: why are you wearing a wig?
Her: Oh, they made me do that.

Apparently that crazy guy at the end is a very famous rock musician in Russia.

There are tons of these videos on Youtube. National televison appearances, amazing Russian hairstylings.

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