Tuesday, October 17, 2006

My Calendar

So, if August was the end of summer, and September was the month of airplanes, I suppose I should continue the designations:

Starting with October. Or, rather, mid-October, but let's not split hairs. October is Sober October. Hear that? That's not the sound of fall leaves underfoot. That's the sound of crispy crackly me as my wino-ism dries on out. I figured my liver could use a break, and I could focus on doing things that are not necessarily alcoholic.

Of course, Sober October just began yesterday (I'm on day two of temporary sobriety! Where's my medal?), and tonight I'm meeting my friends for "drinks," so we'll see how that goes.

I'm feeling strong, people. I won't break. Get me some marijuana. . .

Next is November. Luckily, I'll be back on the sauce by then, because guess what? I'll give you a hint, I've declared it over there to the right -- I'm doing NaNoWriMo. That crazy writer thing where you declare that you will write a novel in a month? YEAH! I'm gonna DO IT!

If you're already scoffing at me, you're probably someone who knows me, and you're probably right, but why not shoot for the stars? Or, at least, shoot for an advanced case of carpal tunnel syndrome.


Operative C said...

I've got no tips on writing a novel, in a month or otherwise, but for the not drinking, the answer for me is Pelligrino water. Those bubbles keep me so interested that I forget what my mind is missing.

CW said...

good luck with the novel. i'm sure you don't need it though. wait-- anyone writing a novel in a month needs it. or, at least good focus. but "good focus" sounds lame.

Anonymous said...

first off, thanks for that link. i am amused and i think i'll join you in your attempt at writing a novel in a month. good luck! :)

second, one of my good friends is a "gettin' sober in october!" thing as well. for me, once november hits i'm not going out to bars until say.... april. good way to save money and to keep from going out in the cold.

well.... maybe i'll go out a few times....