Monday, August 07, 2006

In Decidedly Less Tearstained News

Saturday night, Sus, E Money, Danny, John and I went and got all VIP at this VIP party for VIPs.

I am sort of related to this party by work, so I kind of can't say anything about it being lame or poorly run or anything, but they did have hundreds of glasses of free booze. The kind of free booze that you drink copiously, perhaps against your better judgement.

The biggest lapse of judgement (or stroke of genius?) was the decision to drink copious amounts of that alcohol along with big glasses of Red Bull.

Susan, wide-eyed and enthusiastic, announces I LOVE RED BULL!

Then she gets her dance on with extreme predjudice. In a circle of people clapping. That's badass. (Later, she says to me, "In my mind, I felt everyone was probably super impressed. I'd like to keep it that way." Also, later, it is the thing that turns me from helpless sobbing to helpless laughter as I remember her dance, hair flying, so fabulously unbridled.)

We ended up manning the door at the end of the party, stamping hands for reentry, watching people get literally carried out the door by burly body guards.

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