Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Work The Eff (Dobber -- I censor for YOU) Out.

Work Out is the most amazing show.

By incorporating the elements of:
- bizarre, immature workoutfreaks
- akward lesbian dates
- weights, crunches, boot camp classes
- a super christian mom of a lesbian
- a weird little latina named "mimi" who bites a lot
- the sweetest, most sincere main character ever to dominate a reality show

It manages to create the most compelling television ever.

Not to mention, it included the best line of overdubbed narration ever: "After I showed a picture of my boyfriend's penis to Jodi Watley, I knew I was probably in trouble."

PS: Jodi Watley also says, "Hey Jackie, I hear you're looking for a new love." She also wears a shirt that reads "I heart JW." That's for Jodi Watley. She hearts herself.

Jodi watley is so damn crazy.

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