Sunday, May 28, 2006

Dear Casey

Originally uploaded by Rebecca June.
Congratulations on your pending nuptuals! I have to say there is nothing more encouraging than when your friend is drunk off her ass on "sexy shots" and her feet hurt from dancing on the bar and she's in the cab going to some thong-assed bar and she has to call her fiance because how can she not speak to him in six hours? That's fucking sweet, sister. But not as sweet as your ass looks in this portrait I took while you were dancing to "Livin' on a Prayer" at Hogs & Honeys doing your trademark assslap dance. On the bar. At Hogs & Honeys.

I think that proves how much I love you.




Mister Buckets said...


If you want to take a pic of something great in Logan Square, walk down the alley directly across from tj's pantry on Fullerton (east of kedzie, next to maria's) and find one of the dumpsters that has "Django Reinhardt" with a picture of a guitar painted on the side of it.

That's it.

Oh...and I think I left my keys at Casey's house once.

knucks said...

thong-assed bar hahahaha
i so regret never having gone to hogs n honeys