Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Hipster Couple That Is Totally In Love In The Coffee Shop:

Originally uploaded by Rebecca June.
You're all, we're in love, but it's troubled love.

That's because we're deep. And young.

So, like, he comes into the coffee shop and surfs myspace for, like, three hours, then, when I get off work at the vintage boutique, I'll join him. And, since we haven't seen each other since this morning, of course we're going to make out. And, like, kiss each other's necks with obscene slurps, and, like, obviously be slipping our hands up under each other's shirts.

But, since we're also intense people, we're going to immmediately get in a fight. Because we don't keep anything from each other, you know? Get it?

But, we're in love, so we'll just make out to make up, you know, and then we'll look at myspace TOGETHER and we'll look at the Intonation fest site together but that actually is a bad idea because then we have to FIGHT about whether we want to go to that fest. Because I just don't know if it is worth it but he says it'll be a great live show and I say why do you have to be like this?

I mean, I got this tattoo on my back, the one with the two skeletons making out? For YOU! BECAUSE I TOTALLY LOVE YOU.

So, you just look at myspace and I'll lean on you.

Because that's how it is.

See? This is nice. Put your hand on my leg.

You can type with one hand.

Okay, fine, don't.


But you're ignoring me!

It's fine. Fine. FINE. I'm leaving.


click on me for details!If you click here, you can totally see her retreating. And him not caring.

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