Sunday, May 07, 2006

Friday Night Moments

Mark: You always remind me of Ellen Pompeo from Grey's Anatomy!
Susan: Oh, Mark. That is such a complement, because she is so. thin.
Mark:. . .
Mark: Um, that's not exactly what I meant, but. . .

We stumble drunkenly to Bar Louie. Between four people, we order:
- a basket of french fries
- 24 wings
- chip and dip trio
- artichoke and spinach dip
- soft pretzels and dip
The food doesn't all fit on our table. We eat it all. We lick plates. Not a celery stick is left at the end.

Susan: I feel so embarrased!
Me: I feel proud.
Mark: The only thing that would make this better is if I were alone with all this food.


Mister Buckets said...

I will only take time off from drinking if you'll be there. How about the Map Room, Wedensday night (tomorrow). Tasting of Three Floyd's Dark Lord and Intelligentsia Espresso. 5-7pm. I know some classy hip people that will be there. Well, person. Me. Johnny and Suzanne MIGHT be there. I haven't heard a "yes" or "no".

Speaking of people looking like the famous employee of mine said that I looked like Donnie Darko. I told him to play a hypnotist/psychiatrist while I jacked myself. Then I lowered his wage by $.50.

Mister Buckets said...


Not time OFF from drinking, but time off FOR drinking. We apologize for any confusion. The jack off line stays the same.