Monday, May 29, 2006

Prounounced the Southern Way -- VAAHHHHHHHHSSSS.

Originally uploaded by Rebecca June.
JP: Do you have something I can put some water in for Willis? Some Tupperware or something?
Jason: You can use Kitten's vase.
Mark: Did you just say 'vase?'
Jason: Yes - the stainless steel one we got at petsmart.
Mark: . . .
Mark: Oh. I didn't know we were calling it that.


knucks said...

blanche devereax southern

Hipster Pit said...

totally. gay black blanche. who is not really a slut. But sexxy!

johnnyreb said...

Southern mah ass! Then English can get away with that pronunciation, but over here... sounds pseudo-pretentious and just plain ig'nant!