Thursday, May 25, 2006

Every Second Of The Night, We Live Another Life

You know how sometimes, you have a dream that, when you wake up, stays with you? Like, you dreamed you saw and hugged your dead grandma or you found the vintage watch you lost years ago? And you wake up wishing your dream was true? All day, you have that little flutter in your chest? That bittersweet sense of tender longing?

I had a dream last night Lindsey Lohan left a comment on my blog saying how she likes to read it. The REAL Lindsey Lohan.

It hurts, you know?

Oh, I just remembered, I also dreamed that I tested Johnny's urine and found it positive for kidney cancer antibodies. That didn't mean he HAS cancer, just the antibodies. He needed further testing. Then Susanne chased me out the bathroom window.

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