Thursday, April 27, 2006

Fauxnica is gonna kick my ass

Work-related, because we think we're funny (you may disagree. that is your right.) Me harassing Fauxnica while she's on the phone. (I really wanted to write 'fauxn' there, but, it's really a phone, not a fake phone, and I have to make sure that my overuse of "faux" is not ABUSE of "faux.")

Fauxnica: we're talking about how to get George Cloonet
Fauxnica: clooney
Fauxnica: he *redacted client info*
RJ: why don't you ask gawker stalker
Fauxnica: nice
Fauxnica: he's such a big fan of them
RJ: exactly
RJ: you're like, well, consult the google maps, then descend upon him on the street and throw the award at him
RJ: make sure you have a photographer with you
RJ: just get a random paparazzi
RJ: yell
RJ: and then his bodygaurd will probably kick your ass
RJ: but only because he THOUGHT you said GRENADE
RJ: then you threw sometyhing
Fauxnica: STOP
Fauxnica: i'm shaking
RJ: and George is such a big fan of the environment
Fauxnica: i just snickered
RJ: that he was worried about what would happen to the EARTH if the GRENADE went off
RJ: he doesn't really worry about himself
RJ: that's just how he is
RJ: I know your sniffling and coughing is just a way to get me to relent

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