Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Sarah, The Dinner With Wine

Sarah made me dinner last night! She doesn't do that too often, I think she thinks she isn't a great cook or she doesn't like to cook or whatever, but she is so totally wrong. So, total treat. Chad was uber sick but we made him run back and forth to the kitchen to, like, get us more wine and stuff. Like, Chad! We need more salt! You feeling okay? Cool. Please get us more wine! Snap snap!

I love Chad.

Anyway, at first we had many serious conversations about families and children and pending nuptuals and careers and Donk magazine.

But then we got a few glasses of Chad-fetched wine in us and hit the internet.

What happened was, we started mocking Myspace and making fun of Myspace users and then we had to go look at everyone's profiles and stalk people.

So, lots of people we know do not appear to be on Myspace. I think that's probably because we're, like, in our thirties.

So, we got tired of that and decided to use the Internet for more nostalgia-based persuits. Including looking up ABC afterschool specials on IMDB. So, so many actors are veterans of this fine series of educational dramas. Michelle Pfieffer and Val Kilmer, for example, starred in the compelling "One Too Many," a stark portrait of the dangers of drunk driving. Don't do it, kids. Prominent blogger and published author (not to mention, a key cast member in Star Trek: The Next Generation), Will Wheaton starred in "My Dad Can't Be Crazy. . . Can He?".

But the big drama that was an emotional lynchpin in our television-consuming childhood was the landmark cystic fibrosis film, "Alex, The Life Of A Child." Who could forget this poignant tale of an irepressable child with a terrible affliction? A child who loved root beer so much she begged her dad for it on her death bed. But her dad, Craig T. Nelson, was too late.

She never got her root beer.

When we looked up the film, we were shocked to find that the author of the book, the dad in question, was Frank DeFord! The lovable sports commentator on NPR! This is yet another way the Internet has changed the way I listen to NPR. Thanks, IMDB, for making all these connections so clear to us.


casey said...

I am SO glad you brought up "Alex, the Life Of A Child." I was obsessed with the movie, secretly wishing that I would get cystic fibrosis (so everyone could cry over me and bring me root beer) and then also could appear as some angelic creature like that little girl - instead of the brat that I was. Such great TV. That was before Lifetime. Thank GOD for Lifetime!!

Hipster Pit said...

It's funny you mention Lifetime. . . because I was totally going to write something in there about how ATLOC was the precursor to so many Lifetime movies to come. . . It SO WAS.