Tuesday, April 18, 2006

I totally cannot stop myself

So, I said I wouldn't post about work, but. . . this is harmless. So, the girl I wrote about earlier, the Fauxnica Lewinski?

Well, she has this positively charming reaction to laughter -- she immediately starts tearing up. The more you make her laugh, the more she cries. I totally love this. Where she sits in the office -- I can't see her, but I can hear her. She attempts to be very professional as I assault her with IMs. I'm very bad news that way. So she laughs silently, making her cry silently. She mostly just cries, snorts a little, and snots a little as we IM.

I know, if I hear her blow her nose and breathe in a ragged way -- then I've achieved my goal.

So, this exchange just made me blow my wad (ew, did I type that?) and laugh VERY LOUD. In a QUIET ROOM.

RJ: I just heard someone over there talking about "Watching out for the short and curlies."
fauxnica: STOP
RJ: not kidding
RJ: completely serious
fauxnica: wait what
fauxnica: is he talking about me
fauxnica: that' s my secret service name

Get it? Because she's diminutive and has curly hair?

Shut up. It's funny.

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