Monday, April 03, 2006


This weekend in the 'ville was pretty interesting -- my sis and I helped our mom move into lovely new digs. We declared that a floorplan that combines living area and kitchen is the space of the future -- that way you can lounge around and be social on the couch while someone cooks. I prefer this to sitting in hard wooden kitchen chairs. I am lazy that way.

I got my sister to tell me tons of fascinating details about her life in New Mexico and her exotic career. I'm not kidding. I really do think being a fourth grade teacher is a super exotic career. It's so intense -- taking care of these kids all day, standing, instructing, being held accountable by ten-year-olds. Seriously, I have a hard time wrapping my citified, wine-soaked, witicism-writing brain around it. You can't bullshit a ten-year-old the way you can a marketing client. She's out there on her own, too. Anyhow, she's way into it. If I had a kid I would fully want her to educate it. (Especially if she could teach my kid about robots and rock and roll!)

My dad and Sally poured us endless glasses of wine and fawned over the dog. Dad told Rachel and I that he has decided that the world just needs to be turned into a plutocracy with a single leader -- him.

Me: Dad, do you really think you're qualified to be the leader of the world?
Dad: Yes.
Me: No, I don't think you're qualified.
Dad: Why not?? I talked to your mother about it. We could be the ruling family.
Me: Oh, in that case. . .
Dad: Don't you want to be the royal daughter?
Me: Well, if you were ruling the world, I guess I would want to be the daughter, because then I'd get more priviledges. But overall, it seems like a hassle. Opening yourself up to all these bloody coups and such.
Dad: SOMEONE needs to do it.

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