Saturday, April 01, 2006

snippets - overheard in southern indiana

At Buehler's Buy Low:
teen cashier: So, didn't someplace in town get caught servin' dog?
teen bagger: Naw! D'uh! It wasn't dog! It was cat!
teen cashier: Right! Didn't someplace get caught?
teen Bagger: Yah, that was Mr. Wu's. They got caught servin' cat and then they had to shut down. They're closed, now.
teen Cashier: right, that's right.

On my dad's giant sectional sofa:
Sally: I'm missing my show! My show!
Me: What show?
Dad: The Dog Whisperer. Don't worry, Sally, it's a rerun.
Sally: I love that show! How do you know it's a rerun?
Dad: I don't. But that show is so stupid. It's always the same, anyway, they put a rabbit in front of the dog, they tell the dog to stay, blah blah blah.


Greg said...

Cool blog, HP. I think you should check out mine.I tend to say what I think as well. I'll admit most of my ideas come after a bourbon and coke...

Anonymous said...

What Buehler's Buy Low were you at? That was my first post-high school job. Unloading the trucks at Buy-Low. I've even met the Beuhler's. They said, Nice to meet you, Mark." "It's Luc." "Hello."

Hipster Pit said...

Newburgh. . . I used to bag groceries at the Beuhler's Buy Low on the Lloyd Expressway in Evansville. The cashiers totally looked down their noses at me.